Children like to have their own Waterworld

An aquarium, fish and aquatic plants, all in one complete package.
Children like nature. Especially when they can take care of their own piece of nature. And what’s more fun than an aquarium with fish and plants? Now it is possible: with Waterworld!
With all the different elements, children can create their own under water landscape.
Waterworld doesn’t need much care and is a lot of fun. Waterworld has everything to become a new trend!

Fun for every age

It’s always fascinating to see fish in an aquarium. With Waterworld such an underwater world is very easy to realize. In one concept there are multiple elements available. In this way children and their parents can create their own aquarium. Waterworld is animal friendly. The fish (Bluppy’s) are made of plastic, hardly to distinguish from real fish. Bluppy’s come in different types: Goldfish, sharks, dolphins and kois. That’s even for mom and dad a very nice item on the desk or the kitchen table.

The unique concept of Waterworld

  • Especially for children
  • Fish and water plants can be bought additionally
  • Attractive presentation with display, also available as private label
  • Available with POS material for store presentations
  • All products are packed by people with a distance to the labour market

Address a new target group

Parents think it’s important that children learn about nature, and that they have something to take care for. In this way you successfully address a new target group. When it is not with Waterworld, then it might be with one of the other product lines: Swampworld, Desertworld, and Veggieworld.