Growing vegetables is a piece of cake with Veggieworld

Children like to discover how a plant grows. Especially when they can eat the result of their own work! Now they can: with Veggieworld. Veggieworld contains different kinds of vegetable seeds, ready for cultivation. And before you know it there will be small tomatoes, little paprika or other vegetables hanging on the plant. Success assured, also for you as retailer, because Veggieworld has everything to become an new trend!


Do you remember the promotional activity of a large supermarket last year, with seeds of plants? Children were ecstatic. Even as excited as they will be about Veggieworld. And Veggieworld goes one step further: not only seed, but also a complete potting kit, for the best growing results. Available in various kinds of vegetables, such as tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, pumpkin, watermelon and radish.
Complete package: transparent growing Cup, growth substrate, seeds and label
100% result: after 30 days the plants can be planted in a bigger pot or in the garden.

The unique concept of Veggieworld

  • Especially for children
  • Easy to care for
  • Attractive presentation with display, also available as private label
  • Available with POS material for store presentations
  • All products are packed by people with a distance to the labour market

Address a new target group

Parents think it’s important that children eat healthy and learn about nature. With Veggieworld children can grow their own healthy food. In this way you successfully address a new target group. When it is not with Veggieworld, then it might be with one of the other product lines: Waterworld, Swampworld, and Desertworld.

NEW - Fruityworld, the entire process from plant to homemade jam in one concept

Fruityworld is an educational concept of a fruit plant, weck jar for jam and jam recipe in an attractive display box. In this way children can grow their own fruit and make their own jam. Fruityworld is available in different fruits. The included jam recipe is 4 languages: Dutch, English, German and French.