Swampworld decorative fly catchers

The carnivorous plant continues to fascinate both young and old. These plants are very decorative with their beautiful colours and shapes, but also useful for catching insects. It’s a win-win situation. In addition, these plants are winter hardy, so also ideal for on the garden table or in the (mini) pond.

Various types and sizes

Because these carnivores can be delivered in different kinds of decorative glass or even in a terrarium with lighting, we have something for everyone. The terrariums and glass are arranged with special Swampword moss. The moss has a decorative appeal and is useful for an optimal controlled water balance.

The unique concept of Swampworld

  • For adults and children
  • Both decorative and useful
  • Attractive presentation with display, also available as private label
  • Available with POS material for store presentations
  • All products are packed by people with a distance to the labour market

Address a new target group

Parents think it’s important that children learn about nature, and that they have something to take care for. In this way you successfully address a new target group. When it is not with Swampworld, then it might be with one of the other product lines: Waterworld, Desertworld, and Veggieworld.