Winner Dutch Tulip Award 2017

We are proud of the fact that our Amazingworld concepts have been chosen as winner of the Dutch Tulip Award 2017. This prestigious price has been awarded to us by an international jury who has declared our products as the best concept in 2017.
Children are the future. And, above all, the fact that children have the opportunity to become aware with nature in a playful and educational way with our products, appealed to the jury. We see this as a confirmation that we have taken the right path with the development of Amazingworld's products.

Co2 Neutral Producing

We keep developing our products and keep on working on a cleaner environment. Our latest concept, Ecoworld, is entirely developed according to these principles. Together with various reputable suppliers we are making a Footprint. We make sure that we produce climate neutral. In this way we contribute to a better environment.