The cactus is a plant that nowadays should not be missing in the interior

With the products of our line you can create the best desert landscapes. For children there is a fun Mexican guy with eyes, moustache and cheerful sombrero, available in various colours.

Get the desert in your home!

Our cacti can be ordered in different sizes glass and terrariums. To make the feeling of a desert complete, they are finished off with gravel. The glass is lockable with a lid, which makes the already minimal care virtually non-existent.

The unique concept of Desertworld

  • For adults and children
  • Available in a wide variety of glass, terrariums or Cup (with coloured pot)
  • Attractive presentation with display, also available as private label
  • Available with POS material for store presentations
  • All products are packed by people with a distance to the labour market

Address a new target group

Children like the cactus dressed as a Mexican very much. Since this plant needs very little care, it is no problem when de cactus doesn’t get any water for a month. Parents think it’s important that children learn about nature, and that they have something to take care for. In this way you successfully address a new target group. When it’s not with Desertworld, then it might be with one of the other product lines: Waterworld, Swampworld, and Veggieworld.