• Plants prefer a light spot
  • Prevent dehydration: use Swampworld moss for an optimal controlled water balance.
  • The plant doesn’t need extra nutrition. Water, preferably rain water, and some insects are sufficient.
  • Frequent touching of the leaf causes exhaustion and eventually the leaf will die.
  • During the rest period in winter, watering once a month is sufficient.


  • Plants prefer a light spot
  • Change the water every two weeks with clean water of equal temperature
  • When the plant becomes too large, the top can be cut and placed together with the lower part of the plant in the rockwool.


  • The cactus can be placed as well on a sunny as a shady place
  • Cactusus need only minumum water. At lower temperatures the soil must be kept dry.
  • At higher temperatures watering once a month is sufficient.With too much water the roots will rot.


  • The cup can be used as a potting kit
  • When the plant is big enough, it can be placed in the garden or in a bigger pot on the balcony
  • This plant prefer a sunny spot.