Van der Velde Waterplanten

Van der Velde Water plants B.V. has been located for 25 years at the Albert van 't Hartweg 1 in Bleiswijk. We have an area of ​​10,000 m2, of which a greenhouse area of ​​6,000 m2 and a storage space of 1,500 m2.
At this location, aquatic plants are cultivated and traded. We have a large variety of water lilies in large numbers.


In 2015 we started developing a number of concepts with carnivorous plants, cacti, aquatic plants and self-cultivation of fruit and vegetable plants. In the first instance especially for children. These concepts are delivered customer-ready in attractive display boxes.

Pond Plants

In addition of these customer-ready products, there are also about 150 species of aquarium and pond plants available in different pot sizes as well as loose plants. Our customers are mainly garden centres, construction markets, supermarkets, mail order companies and consumers at home and abroad. We are a specialist in pond plants. Small and large ponds can be arranged in a simple and efficient manner, resulting in clear water and a biological balance.

Private Label

Our concepts are ideal for selling under private label. We would like to discuss the possibilities for designing a personal concept. Also in terms of delivery we are flexible, this can be done in Euro boxes, Danish or Euro trolleys.
We keep developing new products. We like to support a cleaner environment. Therefore we developed our newest concept: Ecoworld. This line is produced climate neutral and consists of biodegradable components. 


Our products are available at Floriday (Royal Flora Holland) and FloraXchange. On these platforms, you order and connect our products with your own webshop. Also its possible to download our complete assortment and all product images in high resolution. Consumers can visit our webshop Besides our offer, you can also find descriptions and care tips on this site.

Qualified Learning Company

Van der Velde Waterplanten B.V. is a qualified learning company. Students seeking an internship can always contact us. We offer traineeships for students with the following training: internation trading, warehouse management, export employee and logistics. Internally, VCA, BHV, forklift truck driver and driver training courses are provided.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to our commitment to the environment, we also introduce ourselves to people with a distance to the labour market. Re-integrators, early school leavers and people with disabilities are welcome at Van der Velde Waterplanten. There is a collaboration with the Stichting Social Firm to combine work and learning.